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At Geek-e-Zone, our aim is to transform your vision, into reality.

Presenting your idea is more effective with an actual demo product. However, sometimes it may be too costly to create a working prototype and this is where 3D designs come into play. If you would like to get your idea out there by creating a digital representation of it, please contact us today.

Please check out our Gallery, Videos and Blog sections for the recent demo works done.

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3D Modeling, Animation and Rendering

We provide 3D modeling, rendering and animation services based on your design. Our aim is to deliver a product that suits your needs and represents your idea to the best quality possible.​

Product Prototyping

One of our objective is to provide you with value added services to your presentations, demos or idea pitches. We can create a graphical prototype of your design and also create animations for use in presenting your idea more effectively. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 3D model is worth thousands more.

Customized Ceramic Cups and Accessories

We are currently offering customized ceramic cup printing. You can create your own design on a 1600x700 pixel image or we can create one for you. A sample preview of the cup will be sent so we can finalize the design before printing. We also print on tshirts as well as small accessories for keychains. Soon we will be starting a 3D printing service as well.

Next Steps...

To get more information about our services, please feel free to contact us for details.